Some of our athletes are still finishing up their fall seasons, and we're getting ready to kick off another exciting season of Blazer Indoor Track and Field.

One last look at last year reminds us of the Triple Blizzards that demolished our schedule and left us re-scheduling all the time!  We welcomed Coach Horst to the coaching staff and are grateful he's coming back again to be a Blazer.  Paige won another state title and has moved on this year to college competition.  We had laughter on bus rides,  we entertained each other between events at meets,  and loved plyometrics at practice the most. 

This year, we welcome another coach to the staff.  Tyler Jones is a graduate of South Hagerstown and will be working with the throwers.  Coach Jones is looking forward to putting on the Blazer Blue and Gold.   The snow didn't scare them off, so Coach Jaime, Coach Horst, and Coach Milburn are back for Blazer Indoor track, and both are ready to laugh with and at you soon.  So, as we are approaching the start of the 2010-2011 season, one question remains: 
Who is ready for the first circuit?

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