The team did an amazing job at Satuday's varsity meet.  Sarah Elwood was a flurry of awesomeness all day as she had top performances in the high jump apron, shot put circle, and on the track.    OTher top performers of the day :  Morgan Pettner, Brittany Yost, Alexis Yost, Theresa Tiller, Jacob Hess, Connor Herndon, Matt Breakall, and Gabe Schneider.

I am so enjoying this season and this team.   The work ethic, the support of one another, and the commitment to excellence is something wonderful to be a part of this year.   Thanks team!!!
We started this weekend...and already have a few great performances.
TESSA WILES!   Finishing 8th in the shot. 
Brittany Yost 6:30.9 in the mile
Mikaela Shelton 10.91 in the HH
Quinn Hoover 5:40.2 in the mile
Damien Poet 7.60 in the 55

As we go throughout this season, continue to be the best YOU can be.  
So, in the last four weeks, we've watched school records fall, we've played Just Dance at Lauren's house and Black OPS at Brad's.   We've cheered Devin, Valerie, Jason, and Tessa at States.   As you head off to your Spring sports -- whatever that may be -- carry the laughter and love of the season with you.   New friendships and new personal bests are now with you.  Build on them.
Countless outstanding performances.   Two girls and two boys rocked the meet the most.  Tessa, Sarah, Jason, and Devin gave us extra reasons to cheer.
For those of you not making sandwhiches, you had the chance to watch Coach Jaime create snow in the hallway.

As we move into Counties and Regionals (and States), the coaches remind you...we have faith in all the growth we've seen and know we're ready to explode with the rest of the season!
So, as I've spent the last two days watching football, I can't help but to think about how these games have parraleled the start of the 2011 season for the coaches.   Some performances have not gone as expected, we've had a few surprises, and lots of moments have brought the coaches to their feet to cheer.

The JV meet started our season, where we got to see who trained over break and who ate too many snickerdoodles (Coach Jaime's favorite cookie).  The Varsity meet Friday night was awesome, as Devin Repp, Eric Martel, Jason Hill, and Tessa Wiles came through in big ways.

Devin broke his own school record by running 37.55 in the 300.  Then, later in the night, he moved into third place in school history in the 500.  Just for fun, to cap off the night, Devin placed for the team in the 800.   A mile of racing over the course of the night that added up to three scoring performances for the team.

Jason Hill was the MVAL runner up in both the 800 and 1600.

Eric Martel moved into second in school history with his performance in the shot put, and placed 3rd in the meet.

On the girls side, Tessa Wiles placed 4th in the shot put with a  personal best throw.

We're hitting our stride at the right time with less than a month until the Regional meet.   How low will our times fall?  How far with the shots fly?  How high will our jumpers soar?   Stay tuned Blazer fans....

So, as we return to school, we will h the "post-season" meets, starting with the MVAL Antietam championship on Friday, Jan 7. 

The Relay meet before the break was awesome.  The four meets right before break may have been the most fun I've had coaching, ever, period.   We are seeing tons of improvement and having a great time in the process.  Thanks to everyone for your hard work, willingness to experience discomfort, and just being amazing.  I'm so excited to see what the remainder of our season holds.  

I'm so grateful that within 24 hours we will all be back together again.   I will be even happier if the Steelers hold on to their lead and win this game :)

So - pneumonia is knocking me off my feet.  I've only seen some of you once this week, and some of you I haven't seen since December 2.  I miss you lots.   While I'm sad the meet was cancelled today - I am grateful that I won't miss the first meet of the season.   Hopefully I will be back in gear for Monday's "B" meet.   I miss the smiles you bring me, and running around in the cold with you :)

Thanks to those of you who sent me well wishes.   I get them and love them, even if I don't respond back.   Have a great weekend.   See some of you on Monday (fingers crossed)! 
Coach Jaime
A great start to the Indoor season.   You met Coach Jones, you did core workouts, plyometrics, and relays (including a collision between Coach Jaime and David)....and this is only the beginning.  This coming week includes a couple time trials and THE CIRCUIT!  
No practices over Thanksgiving Break. 
You will get a training schedule from your coach.  
Do you want to be excellent? 
Then, you'll do the work over break.
Some of our athletes are still finishing up their fall seasons, and we're getting ready to kick off another exciting season of Blazer Indoor Track and Field.

One last look at last year reminds us of the Triple Blizzards that demolished our schedule and left us re-scheduling all the time!  We welcomed Coach Horst to the coaching staff and are grateful he's coming back again to be a Blazer.  Paige won another state title and has moved on this year to college competition.  We had laughter on bus rides,  we entertained each other between events at meets,  and loved plyometrics at practice the most. 

This year, we welcome another coach to the staff.  Tyler Jones is a graduate of South Hagerstown and will be working with the throwers.  Coach Jones is looking forward to putting on the Blazer Blue and Gold.   The snow didn't scare them off, so Coach Jaime, Coach Horst, and Coach Milburn are back for Blazer Indoor track, and both are ready to laugh with and at you soon.  So, as we are approaching the start of the 2010-2011 season, one question remains: 
Who is ready for the first circuit?