The team did an amazing job at Satuday's varsity meet.  Sarah Elwood was a flurry of awesomeness all day as she had top performances in the high jump apron, shot put circle, and on the track.    OTher top performers of the day :  Morgan Pettner, Brittany Yost, Alexis Yost, Theresa Tiller, Jacob Hess, Connor Herndon, Matt Breakall, and Gabe Schneider.

I am so enjoying this season and this team.   The work ethic, the support of one another, and the commitment to excellence is something wonderful to be a part of this year.   Thanks team!!!
We started this weekend...and already have a few great performances.
TESSA WILES!   Finishing 8th in the shot. 
Brittany Yost 6:30.9 in the mile
Mikaela Shelton 10.91 in the HH
Quinn Hoover 5:40.2 in the mile
Damien Poet 7.60 in the 55

As we go throughout this season, continue to be the best YOU can be.